Self Defence

Understanding range and scenarios

Focusing on understanding range/scenarios & acknowledging what weapons you have in your current skill-set that fits.

Hybrid Kids

Our Kids Mma / Self Defence classes are ready for expansion. With a great format consisting of 6 main elements being taught by Quality Coaches. Cardio Agility Ground Bags Stand-up Skills Grappling Drills Mma Games Everything a young Martial Artist needs to form great fundamentals and a Solid base for the future.

Martial Arts is for everyone

Martial Arts has something for everyone. Basically there are 3 main categories – Competition, Self Defence / Reality Based & Internal based Systems. But under these 3 general banners are endless positives & skills waiting to be explored. Eg. Championships, Weaponry, Forms, Drills, Games, Sparring / Live training, Fitness, Strength, Agility, Padwork, Meditation & the …

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