Martial Arts is for everyone

Martial Arts has something for everyone.

Basically there are 3 main categories – Competition, Self Defence / Reality Based & Internal based Systems.

But under these 3 general banners are endless positives & skills waiting to be explored. Eg. Championships, Weaponry, Forms, Drills, Games, Sparring / Live training, Fitness, Strength, Agility, Padwork, Meditation & the list goes on.

As human beings, we all need and want something different in order to feel whole and there’s not just 1 style or way of combat that caters for this. Through both my Training & Coaching Experience I have witnessed this first hand many times over. For one person a Trophy or Belt may be most important, for another having the skills to protect their family and friends from a dangerous predator or simply having the courage and confidence to walk down a dark, empty street by themselves is paramount.

We all start our Martial Arts Journey with a specific goal in mind so it’s important to choose wisely as this beautiful craft offers so much variety that we sometimes don’t know where to begin.

  1. The 1st step is to decide what it is you want to achieve.
  2. The 2nd step is research effectively for the right school / gym
  3. The 3rd choose accordingly.

It is your journey and yours alone.

Your choice is the right choice.

Martial Arts is for everyone.

Sifu Terry

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