Martial Art Gains

Martial Arts offers something very special to so many. After 27yrs of training I have learned that all ways of combat are beneficial, it is a matter of perspective based on what it is you’re looking to gain from it.

I often hear less educated Martial Artists comparing one style to another, with no awareness that they are often incomparable. Each aims for different results & more importantly they take place in different scenarios. Ultimately changing the training methods in order to be effective.

Myself, I am no longer about “Styles” as such. I believe they are only an early vehicle to the depth of understanding that lies within Martial Arts. I believe in order for one to truly gain from Martial Arts, they must build a personal relationship with it. Outside of the Hype, bravado and comparisons. Embrace all ways in order to form a successful way.

I practice at least 5 Days a week in everything from MMA Striking, Traditional Forms, A Variety of Weaponry incl blade, short sticks & long staff, Grappling, Close Quarter Combat, Qigong & Tai Chi.

Love Martial Arts for what it is. Learn without judgement in order to gain the gifts that each Martial Way offers.

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