Marko’s Eternal MMA bout

On the Eve before family member Marko’s bout we would like to share a couple of important thoughts to help us keep things in perspective & know what is truly important. At Hybrid we pride ourselves on standing firm by what we believe in. Wins & losses should never cloud our ideals, ultimately what is important is that through competition Aus Mma & Martial Art as a whole evolves.

Its very important that we don’t emphasise results over the Bigger Picture being a positive, long lasting influence on Martial Arts. If one fights skillfully, classy & calculated it will in turn inspire others to advance also. But if one focuses on a game plan that offers little skill and is merely created to win a local fight then in turn we are stifling both Aus Mma & Martial Arts.

So with each bout we watch lets continually ask ourselves. Has it had an impact, changed the vibration & ultimately done Aus Mma & Martial arts justice.


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