Hybrid Victory

In the Aftermath of both a Hybrid Victory & more importantly hopefully a positive shift in Aus Mma towards the growth & expansion of skilled,well measured striking.We would like to share a few thoughts.

Every week inside the Gym we focus on the rewards of thinking,drilling & expressing things differently. In our opinion the size of the cage within Aus Mma greatly favours Grappling & in turn limits the ability for local fighters to grow & evolve their striking skills.And fairly so when it’s easier to use strikng purely to force your opponent to the cage,proceeding to take them down putting them on their backs & holding them there in order to grind out a Win.

We feel differently, The evolution of Martial Arts is much bigger than any Person, Gym or Team. We as Martial Artists have a responsibility to bring about change & in the process of doing so sometimes will suffer setbacks, losses etc to ultimately make enough impact to alter things no matter how small or large it may be.

For those that didn’t see the bout last night

Hybrid Family Member Marko came away with KO of the night.

Post Fight Words from Eternal Mma-


Marko drops Dudley with a perfectly timed knee off the cage and follows up with a devastating right hand on the ground to seal the deal! Wow!

Marko Slomovic wins via 2nd round KO

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