Martial Arts

Working on lead weapons.

Pick the fight

Prepping for Gradings

Exciting time for the Hybrid kids.

Martial Art Gains

Martial Arts offers something very special to so many. After 27yrs of training I have learned that all ways of combat are beneficial, it is a matter of perspective based on what it is you’re looking to gain from it. I often hear less educated Martial Artists comparing one style to another, with no awareness …

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Martial Arts is for everyone

Martial Arts has something for everyone. Basically there are 3 main categories – Competition, Self Defence / Reality Based & Internal based Systems. But under these 3 general banners are endless positives & skills waiting to be explored. Eg. Championships, Weaponry, Forms, Drills, Games, Sparring / Live training, Fitness, Strength, Agility, Padwork, Meditation & the …

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